Family and Future Trends

In the first place the group of family in Indonesia depend on the way of culture. People are living in small families of traditional way. On modern way, it is probably true to say that they are growing a large member of families. Some people believe that families with a small number are likely to spend a lot of money. However, other people argue that families with huge number of children save more.

According to my interpretation people who wearing wedding custom should be variety of colour and accessories because there are many part of tradition. Every people who want to get married are should be able to use distinction culture. For instance, West part of Indonesia and East part of Indonesia both of them are different while they are wearing the wedding dress.

One of the most significant distinguishing features of my country is the process of works. Democracy is the basic principle of to solve every problems. Moreover, I believe that working together are the best method for resolve any cases. In spite of to do by themselves, people who obtain huge problem from their office are difficult.

To sum up, Indonesia has the most important role and strategic in the world because my country have a beneficial strategic which has many natural resources such as oil, food, mine, etc. According to the scientist, sustainable development would be important to growth every part of the island obviously in Indonesia.


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