Starting Small Firm (compare in 2 country)

An issue which always strong correllations on both sides of the argument is starting a small business in United Kingdom and Indonesia. Some people think that growing a business in United Kingdom is more convenient which there are no tight regulation. Other ways say that open the company can be developed in Indonesia.

First of all, UK and Indonesia are always have the same regulation to start a business. Both of government introduced rules about they create of brand in firms. For instance, they should discover their own name and logo to make a difference from other. Some people argued that a name of brand would be representatived from business.

On one hand, there are many several distinction between UK and Indonesia. For instance, In UK, people who starting the business must be able to pay to government around 20 poundsterling. In Indonesia they have to spend 3000 pound for 1 company. There are many gap between UK and Indonesia. In essence, it is inexpensive to build up a firm in UK. In addition, if the company has became bankrupt, stockholder will be turned over to the sole trader directly. However, Indonesia has the lowest cut taxes which is less charged for profitable company. So entrepreneurs would be much more obtain opportunity to raising financial in Indonesia.

In conclusion, these two country between Great Britain and Indonesia, each have their advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, both of two country have huge benefits to the country because they would be able to support their economic problems.


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