Two Argument of Soccer Match

One problematic issue in the modern world is that soccer competition has many benefit to kicked the racism. However, other people say that soccer competition is making the group between countries and age. In this short paragraph, i am going to explain both of views.

The first reason of this, it is also possible to say that soccer is a game that people should be work and play in a group. They must have a same vision to obtain the goal as many as they can. For example in my country, Indonesia, they must score higher than their opponent for win in the qualification group of world cup. In addition, there are many culture and background that they have in the member of team. So in my opinion, it is the best way to brought the citizen for put off their differences.

In contrast, some people argue that soccer match can brought the people to life in a circle such as gender differences, age group, and national group. The fact that they must work on team does not mean they forgot about their background. A good example for this is Papua’s population (the part of area in Indonesia) will made a social circle in the same racism. Furthermore, many young children will not probably join in the adults soccer sport match because of age and skill they had. I think there will be a minimum required for playing soccer tournament.

In conclusion, there are both of opinion that soccer sport gives the value by  different states and nationalities. It depends on our consideration which is can choose. Despite the choice is ours, we can find the perfect answer from both statements.


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