Live Life with Passion reduce Stress-related Poblems

There has always been a considerable discussion about life in the world change into more complex and confuse rather million years ago. Many people are finding the way to cure their social problems. In this opinion, i want to discuss about the factors which can be reduce the labour problems.

The first thing is worklife with passion. Nowadays many workers are work in the company that they are not much like the job. For example, the employee who has graduated from technic is holding position as marketing. So if the employers which not suitable in their job is better to resign from it. Steve Job said “love what you do and do what you love”.

Secondly, doing hobbies like sport can make our leisure time much more positive than just watching televesion. In workdays, many staff always work in front of the computer to complete their task, so that they did not care about their health as well. However, our body is having important roles for daily life. In my view, do some sport will be decrease stress-related problems for labourers.

The third factor that is contributing people for suffering the problems is travelling. There are many places to visit at the weekends such us mountain, beaches, ocean, and perhaps other country as long as enough budget.  To improve social life, we can meets other people from different background and culture. So travelling is one of factors that can reduce that problems.

And the last factors that related for recoved the problems is join the religion event at religion places such us mosque, church, vihara, etc. Despite the people are doing the right job, they knows that God always watch them. If we are still confuse about our social life is because of did not have religion principles.

In conclusion, there are many ways to decrease the stress-related problems in life and makes more happy. we cannot expect extraordinary results today, yesterday, and tomorrow’s standards. So live life with passion 🙂 (Don’t hesitate to correct the grammar)



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