Work in Same or Different Companies?

In recent years, many employees do not have the same idea about their expectation for works. Some people would rather have one job for the some company. They do not want to move to other companies. On the other hand, some people prefer to move from one company to another frequently, both behaviors have positive and negatif effects.

The Advantage of working is the chance to get promotion for loyalty. The fact that some employees are not comfortable with their job does not mean they will resign from the compay. So the company knows this loyalty and dedications and sometimes decides to a worth them with promotion.

On the other hand, the advantage of changing professions is that can build a lot of network. The more company that they work for, the more business associates that they know. In addition by changing jobs they will obtain more experience.

In contrast, both preerences have the disadvantages as well. In my opinion, the people who work in same company their whole life are narrow-minded. Their mind is closed to other work possibilites because of theri dedications to their current jobs. As for people who chance job frequently, they cannot improve their carrier because they will start  on same level whatever newplace they work in.


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