The Existence of News Editors

The people that edit the news must make decision regarding the show on tv and print in newspaper. They have their reason for choosing to feature either bad news or good news. As reader a newspaper. I would read the headline first. If i am interested in it, i will proceed to read the whole article. Therefore, the headline or the topic an article is an important thing, which can influence people’s will to read it. In my opinion, news editor must have good judgement in deciding what to broadcast and what to print.
There are several factors that influence the decision making of media editors. One of them is that the statement in the headline must be controversial, so that potential readers become interested in it. But, it must be remembered the fact that headline are usually controversial statement does not mean they must use improper word.
On the other hand, the people become used to bad news because of media’s coverage, which always delivers negative information. Such as accidents, natural disasters, international conflict, ets. On the contrary, the good news such as scientist winning global award for making important inventions does not get as much coverage. Consequently, more people are use to bad news.
In my opinion, it would be good idea to report more good news than bad news because mass media can easily influence people’s idea. It more positive information and images are shown on the media, it will be inspiring for many people.


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