Mass Media Influence the People’s Idea

Nowadays mass media played an important role in the global community for example, newspaper and television are two forms of media most popularity used to spread information to the world. So, what they see on newspaper and television is what they belive. I agree with the opinion that the mass media  have great influence in shaping people’s idea. As a citizen i always read a newspaper and watch television to keep up to date with the recent issues.

In the first place, almost all people have television in their home. It is one of favorite forms of entertainment when they feel alone. Each channel on tv has many kinds of program, which include newsprograms. The topics in newsprogram are always discussed by general people. In my opinion, there is a strong correlation between mass media and people’s idea ; both are connected via people’s favorite entertainment to their mindsets.

Secondly, mass media are easy to obtain, for example newspaper can be purchased anywhere. Moreover, newspaper are not as expensive as a television. So, almost everybody can afford it. In addition, the radio can be very easy to listen to anytime, anywhere. Something that is easy to get always becomes in possession of most people.

In conclusion, i agree that mass media, including the television, radio and newspaper, have great influence in shaping people’s idea. As can be seen from the above arguments.


One thought on “Mass Media Influence the People’s Idea

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