The City’s Problem

Almost half the world’s population now live in urban areas and as cities grow even larger, conditions for city dwellers are likely to get worse. Two of the most critical problems, it can be argued are how to make a living and over populations. The first problem is tha the number of employments is less than the number of citizens. Many fresh graduates do not get a job due to the insufficient number of companies. Sometimes, in some colleges soft skills, such as communication, computer, leadership skills, etc, which can be used to deal with unemployment issues are not given. They can equip university student with the necessary skills in their life. On the other hand, population in cities always grows sharply. This problems is caused by the people’s lack of understanding about family planning. Moreover, people in country want to find a job in the city so they come to city with in large number.

The first solution for first problem of how to make a living is making the high school students follow the organizational activity to improve their leadership skills. They can be use for several corporate functions such as manager, head of divison, and head of subdivision. By having the skills they will be ready to finish their education and move on to start their career. The second solution is to introduce entrepreneurship study in college to enable them to start their own business many job seeker will obtain help from the entrepreneurs in town. The last solution to create new jobs is that campus should gives students internship opprtunities, which can make fresh graduates ready to start their career.

The biggest problem in urban areas is overpopulation which can be solved by educating city dwellers with family planning to lower birth rate. The second solution is by passing the lows that limit urbanisation. These lows should be passed by the goverment and must be obeyed by all citizens. The last solution, probably, is decentralisation of industries to other regions. When many industries shift to country sides. Many people will not be encourage to leave their hometown, and instead they will stay in and build their village.

That’s all, boleh sih copast buat tugas atau artikel at least lapor dulu ama yang punya hehe.. thank you for your attention, see you , have a nice day….


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