IMHO… how to improve the tourism in Indonesia

Hi Indonesian!

Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in an economy, among many capital sources of the country. Indonesia is a country with many beautiful places to explore. Therefore, tourist from abroad like travelling as well as taking photographs in unique/ unfamiliar places in Indonesia. In other words, tourism is a big assets.

There are many places such as old building, religious places, beaches, mountains, and so on. Sadly, however, Indonesian goverment does not make full use of the places that we have.

In order to improve the value of tourism in Indonesia, the goverment must improve other industries that we have so as to bring the tourist here. Building accomodation such as hotels in popular beaches or famous lakes can make the tourist feel comfortable. In addition promotion can increase the number of visitors. Department of culture and tourism should be able to conduct the promotion on the Internet, because the Internet has many advantages for building a network in other countries.

On the other hand the local people in the regions arounds tourist destination must keep the environment clean. They have an important role to save the tourism industries. In conclution, the goverment and citizens have to co-operate in order to take tourism industry to the next level.

that’s all.. CMIIW.. thank you and have a nice day 🙂


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